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Diver Chronicles  


About Dive Chronicles Magazine
The Digest of Diving

Established in 2002, Dive Chronicles on exciting non divers and active divers on new adventures in the underwater world.

What's Inside
What you'll find in every issue of Dive Chronicles

What's New
Find it here first and get the latest updates in dive technology, gear and gadgets. We educate you at your level on what’s new and innovative.

Leaders & Legends
Learn why and how highly trained divers have come to love the sport and what fuels their passion. Normal everyday people tell their stories of dedication and perseverance to be the diver they are today. In this section we tribute these exemplary people. Each issue has people from around the world. Do you have somebody that should be a Leader or Legend? email us at Contact us

Wreck Diving
Explore the past world underwater locally and around the world. Through the eyes of trained divers you can visit a wreck’s undersea history and experience the life that exist and develops within their interiors.

Tech Diving
Learn about the latest in technical diving and informative accounts from those using these applications. Through their informative reports you can discover a new approach to the diving experience.

Featured Articles
Each issue contains two to three articles that cover unique stories from adventures around the world. From the artic waters to discoving new underwater hotels you'll find something new and exciting.

Off The Beaten Path
Articles from Richard Todd. Richard is an active explorer of remote regions and writes about places that are not your typical dive vacation.

Marine ID
Learn to identify the many species of marine life. Read fun filled facts and come to know how and why such species are called what they are. This section is informative with key descriptions so you too can know what you see underwater.

History of Diving
In each issue you will discover a little more about the history of diving. In this section of historical diving you will find out what preexisted today’s technology and equipment and how it became what it is now along with interesting dive stories of yesteryear.


Digital Jam
An event that Dive Chronicles holds in Cayman once a year. This is your opportunity to try out the latest in Digital Dive Gear. For more information visit www.divetech.com

Underwater Photography
See the world undersea and learn tips and tricks on how to use underwater film and digital cameras. You can see the latest photographic gear and read how and when to use them.

Book Reviews
Now and then we find good books that relate to diving. We give you a brief synoposis of the story, not CliffNotes and let you know our views on the novels.

Mako Mike
Divers from all around ask Mako Mike questions about travel. Hear how he tries to deal with your questions and answers. If you are interested, please write to him...
Mako Mike

We listen to our audience. Since we are digest size many of our readers have requested a crossword puzzle. Listening to them, we came up with a crossword puzzle that readers must read the articles to find all the answers.

On the ligher side of things, our staff writes your humorous horoscope to Dafy Diver Definitions.
Not everything should be taken seriously.


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